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Popular Press

With the release of Spaun, there has been a lot of coverage of our work in the popular press. Here's a partial collection with the most recent stories first.

Coverage of work directly using Nengo
CBC Quirks & Quarks (radio interview) - Building a brain
BBC World (radio interview, opening 5s and interview starts at 11:50)
CNN - Brain model may help build human-like robot
Wired - How to build an artificial brain
Popular Science - Meet Spaun, The Most Complex Simulated Brain Ever
Nature - Simulated brain scores top test marks
Reddit (We also hosted an 'Ask Me Anything' (AMA), which was ranked in the top 10 Science AMAs for 2012)
National Geographic - Will we ever... simulate a brain?
LA Times - New computer model of the brain focuses on seeing and doing - Designing brain-based robots
CBC (Quirks & Quarks radio Interview) - What does the future hold? Artificial intelligence and the singularity
Science News - Simulated brain mimics human quirks
Discovery News - Artificial brain mimics human abilities and flaws
Wired (UK) - Simulated brain Spaun recognises, learns and remembers
Singularity Hub - Scientists create brain with 2.3 million neurons
Today's Science Building a brain in a box (subscription service, you can get the .pdf here).
TG Daily - Artificial brain 'Spaun' passes IQ tests
Ars Technica - Model brain with 2.5 million neurons configures itself to solve problems
Huffington Post - Artificial Brain: 'Spaun' Software Model Mimics Abilities, Flaws Of Human Brain
Gizmodo - The Most Realistic Artificial Brain Has a Mind of Its Own
ExtremeTech - Spaun, the most realistic artificial human brain yet
Newsy (video news report) - Scientists Create Most Advanced Simulated Brain
Communications of the ACM - A more human artificial brain
VR Zone - Neuroscientist creates a large scale model of a functioning brain - Canadian scientists create a functioning, virtual brain
Science Recorder - Researchers create the world’s largest working brain model
Globe and Mail - Meet Spaun: the world’s biggest brain that works
Les Affaires - Des ordinateurs qui imitent notre cerveau
CTV News - (Video Interview) Scientists in Waterloo, Ont. develop virtual brain (video)
Singularity Blog - (Video Interview) Chris Eliasmith on Singularity 1 on 1: We Have Not Yet Learned What The Brain Has To Teach Us! (video & audio)
McGill Daily - The rise of the brain-bots
Calgary Herald - Scientists create functioning, virtual brain that can write, remember lists and even pass basic IQ test
Kitchener Record - Brain simulator could provide insight to damage, diseases, local researchers say
Ottawa Citizen - Team builds functional, working brain
The Register - Scientists build largest ever computerized brain
Vancouver Sun
The Richard Brown Show - (Radio interview) Recreating the human brain
The Star Phoenix - Scientists build a virtual brain
Der Spiegel (Germany's premier newspaper) - Bereit für den Intelligenztest
Radio-Canada - Spaun, le cerveau artificiel (French canadian) (German CNN) - Maschine ahmt Mensch nach
Folha de S. Paulo (Brazil's largest newspaper)
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Swiss newspaper)
El Pais (the leading newspaper in Spain) - Lo último en cerebros de silicio
QQ (Chinese)
ifanr (Chinese) - Human Brain Model Recognizes, Writes, and Remembers
IEEE Spectrum - Brain Model Connects Neurons to Behavior - Spaun, the new human brain simulator, can carry out tasks
Exchange Magazine - Waterloo researchers create world's largest functioning model of the brain
Richard Dawkins Foundation
Big Think / Neurobonkers - A conversation with the creators of the world's largest functioning model of the human brain
Science blogs - Greg Laden's blog
Prosa - Researchers now build a brain (Danish, pp. 24-26)
Human's Invent - The largest simulation of a functioning brain
The Weekly Weinersmith podcast - Episode 37: Trevor Bekolay on Spaun, a large-scale simulated brain
The Prism - (Radio interview) Canadian Scientists Work to Build A Thinking Computer
Médecine Sciences Amérique - (French) SPAUN : le premier cerveau artificiel aux comportements humains

Coverage of work related to ours (stories we were interviewed for)
Nature - Neural modelling: Abstractions of the mind
UMich Engineering - Designing Intelligence: Can we create machines who learn like we do?
LiveScience - How Real-Life AI Rivals 'Ultron': Computers Learn to Learn
CBC The National - Tesla's Elon Musk warns about artificial intelligence
The Record - University 'Brain Camp' Showcases Robots
New York Times Science Times Podcast - (scroll down) Virtualizing Our Bodies
Biomedical Computation Review - Behind the Connectome Commotion (section on Simulating a Human Connectome: Spaun)
The KW Record - UW prof teaches readers how to build a brain
Nature News - Neuroelectronics: Smart Connections
Popular Science - Software learns to crack CAPTCHAs
Sky News - Replicating the brain
CBC - Ethics of AI
Nature - Fragment of rat brain simulated in supercomputer
Science Magazine - Virtual rat brain fails to impress critics