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Nengo 2.0

This is the most recent version of Nengo. It runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows, and the only requirement is that you have Python with numpy already installed on your computer.

  • If you are familiar with Python and already have it installed, you can install nengo by going to your Comand Prompt and running the following commands:
    • pip install nengo
    • pip install nengo_gui

    When this is done, run the Nengo Graphical User Interface by typing nengo_gui

  • If you are not familiar with Python or do not already have it installed, we recommend installing Anaconda, which is a Python distribution that already includes NumPy, the main mathematics library for Python. Once this is installed, open a terminal window (or the "Anaconda Command Prompt" on Windows) and then do
    • pip install nengo
    • pip install nengo_gui
    • nengo_gui
  • For more installation information, see the documentation here (scroll down).

Nengo is open source. It is available at no charge for personal and research use, but is subject to a license for commercial use. For further details, please view the license file included in the source code, which can be viewed here.

Nengo 1.4

The earlier version of Nengo was written in Java. This is the version used in the tutorials of How to Build a Brain). You can download the last version of it here.

To run this older version, unzip the downloaded file and in the newly unzipped folder:

  • For Windows, click Nengo.bat
    For Mac/Linux run ./nengo

Further details can be found in the Nengo 1.4 user manual.