Nengo Demos

This section describes the collection of demos that comes with Nengo. To use any of these demo scripts in Nengo, do the following:

  • Open

    Open any <demo>.py file by clicking on the open icon (or going to File->Open from file in the menu) and selecting the file from demos directory in your Nengo installation.

  • Run

    Run the demo by selecting the network created in the previous step and then clicking the interactive icon in the upper right corner of the Nengo main window. Alternatively, right-click on the network and select ‘Interactive Plots’. Click the play arrow to start the simulation.


    You don’t need to select the network if there is only one available to run.

  • Delete

    Remove the demo network after using it by right clicking and selecting ‘Remove model’.


    You don’t need to remove a model if you reload the same script again, it will automatically be replaced.

More sophisticated examples can be found in the Model Archive at