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Nengo is developed by several labs in the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience (CTN) at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

For additional information about Nengo, or if you have usage questions, please join the official Nengo discussion forum.

Our Git site has a bug tracker if you wish to submit a concern.

Contacts for specific kinds of questions (although we'd recommend the forum):

General Inquiries (CTN Director)
Chris Eliasmith
Terry Stewart, Xuan Choo
Visualization (Interactive Plots)
Terry Stewart
Eric Hunsberger
Trevor Bekolay
Java Engine (deprecated)
Bryan Tripp

The full development team includes:
Bryan Tripp, Shu Wu, Terry Stewart, Xuan Choo, Dan Rasmussen, Bruce Bobier, Chris Eliasmith, Eric Crawford, Matt Gingerich, Trevor Bekolay, Albert Mallia, Steven Leigh, Yan Wu, Travis DeWolf, Oliver Trujillo, Eric Hunsberger, Jon Lai, James Bergstra, Carter Colbeck, Peter Blouw.

Financial Support
Nengo development has been supported by: Canada Research Chairs, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, National Sciences and Research Council (NSERC), Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT), and SHARCNET