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Videos for Spaun simulations

This page includes links to supporting material for the world's largest functional brain model, Spaun, which is the main focus of Chapter 7 of the book. This work first appeared in Science, and movie identifiers (e.g. movie S1) are from that paper. A fuller set of movies and more information regarding each can be found in the links below the embedded movies. The book How to build a brain, which describes all aspects of this model in detail, is now available to order at Amazon.

Introductory movie 1 Introductory movie 2
Copy drawing (S1)
Recognition (S2)
Reinforcement Learning (S3)
Serial Working Memory (S4)
Counting (S5)
Question Answering (S6)
Rapid Variable Creation (S7)
Fluid Reasoning (S8)
WM 3-link Arm (bonus)

A brief written overview of Spaun and its architecture is in the Build a Brain introduction. The model consists of about 2.5 million spiking neurons. It has a single eye and an arm. All input is raw images shown to the eye, and all output is arm movements, controlled directly by the brain. It takes about 2.5h of computer time for one second of simulation.

Spaun details

  • Download the Spaun model
  • Download the paper on Spaun [link to come -- forthcoming in Science]

Spaun videos

If you just want an overall sense of Spaun, try *.